Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Return

The team has officially arrived home safely. Although the teams in country adventure is over, I suggest checking the blog regardless. Each team member of the team will be adding their own personal excerpt and we are finally going to be able to add some pictures! Also, we will continue to keep this updated as the project progresses.

Short update on the last adventure in Sierra Leone

Since our flight was not until 7pm we had some time to kill in Sierra Leone. We broke up in two groups. Dr. L, Bobby, Chris, Sandy and Meghan went back to the market to get more items, and Matt, Mike and Rich went on an adventure to check out some local solar water pumps. When the water pumps adventurers returned we drove to the ferry.

As usual we were bombarded with people trying to sell us more stuff. Mohammed arranged with a nice gentleman to take us across the ferry with our stuff and help us get to the airport safety. Turns out this was a great move, because when we got off the ferry more people tried to get us to overpay for taxis as usual, but our guy helped us to get a good deal.

The Freetown airport was a nightmare and a complete joke as far as security goes. Getting out of that airport is a miracle in itself; just one of the many miracles of the trip.

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