Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There is a lot of excitement among our group for our upcoming trip to Sierra Leone. We will be traveling to Sierra Leone July 17th and staying for about ten days in Freetown, the capital. Because we have such a short time in country to do surveying, soil, and water testing, we arranged a meeting at the house of our advisor, Dr. Lamancusa, to get prepared both mentally and technically for our trip. At this meeting, we practiced surveying Dr. L's driveway to determine the change in elevation and the distance it was from his garage to the road. It was a good learning activity, and everyone was able to try the different tasks of surveying. We also discussed our safety and club rules that we will follow while out of the country, so that we remain safe while maintaining focus on helping the school children in Baoma, a village about ten miles away from where we are staying in Freetown. There will be internet cafes that will be at our disposal in Freetown so that we may keep you all updated with our trip's progress. So look out soon for a new posts every day while we're over there!

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