Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Bargainers of the Big Market

For the first time this week, we didn't need to go into the village of Baoma, but instead journeyed into the depths of the city of Freetown. We got going out of our hotel around ten and entered the city about a half an hour later. It was interesting to see the beautiful coast and the city from the hills of Freetown. The streets of New York City seem tame to that of Freetown. You have to watch out for cars and bikes that like to pass no more than two inches from your closest shoulder. After walking around through the streets, we found the main attraction (especially among the girls), the "Big Market." There were a lot of African arts and crafts waiting to be bargained for. Meghan took care of most of that. It was a very hectic place. Not one person could stand in one spot without getting asked repeatedly to buy something...ask Richie(Rich Kercher)! After we got away from the hub-bub of the Big Market, we did a little more shopping and got some supplies for the students in Baoma.

Later, we took our on-site correspondant, Mohamed, and his family out for some chinese food right near the beach. Mohamed and his family have been very caring to us since we have been here, so it was just a small token of our appreciation to all of what they've done for us.

Tomorrow is the big day for us in Baoma. We are having our final meeting with the residents about the information that we have gathered since arriving. This information pertains to the health and safety of these individuals, and hopefully they will be open-minded when listening to what we have to say.

We will let you know how the meeting goes, and what happens tomorrow with us. Thanks for reading in, and goodnight from Freetown.


  1. Hope you found some great market finds yesterday. We just lost power here in a storm so the kids are getting a VERY SMALL taste of life without the conveniences here in America

  2. We appreicate all of the updates you have been providing to us. Hope things went well with your meeting today. Take Care, Suzanne P.