Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Freetown With Love

Today, we woke up early around seven to eat breakfast and get on the road to Baoma. We walked up the trail to the children's school and were greeted by Pastor Martin and his school. The students presented their daily opening exercises to us with great exuberance. We broke up into three teams; one for water sampling, another for site mapping, and a third for community health assessment. The water sampling team visited and mapped three main water sources. Rich, Bobby, and Mike surveyed and mapped the school site. Finally Dr. L and the girls did a community health assessment where they asked a series of questions pertaining to food, health, family size, etc. We had a great lunch thanks to Mohammed and his wife Mildred. It was a very rainy day but a productive one. Sorry for the long periods between blog posts but internet is difficult to find. Talk to you guys soon.

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  1. It's great to hear any news but don't stress about finding internet on our behalf. Continue to focus on the job at hand and enjoy making new connections with the community.