Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ello Mum,,,, I'm in London!

Good morning USA!!! It is 12:30 here and we are area all half asleep,,,,actually I believe 3 of us are literally asleep! We have safetly completed the first portion of our journey and will be boarding our next flight in about 30mins! Our flight was delayed 45 minutes, but we should arrive in Freetown at about 8:15! We hope to update tomorrow!!!

Other things to note,,,,,,,
- Matt had a terrible pizza wrap,,, no pizza ingredients were involved
- Rich is greatly enjoying his ham & mature chedder baguette
- Sandy is passed out on the bench,,,but she has read all of her sierra leone packets
- Chris is dominating the Pokemon front
- Everyone is in love with Bobby's shoes (they are the shoes that look like feet)
- Dr, L enjoyed watching crouching tiger hidden dragon with no sound on the plane
- Mike and Meghan are so bored they are updating the blog,,,, and paying top dollar to do so

ps, I apologize for the overly large number of commas,,, the period button is broken


  1. Dear EWB team,
    Glad you made it safely. Good luck with your project.
    Love, Yo Momma

  2. I am not surprized Rich really enjoyed Airport food. I can't wait to see how he digs into the local cuisine!

  3. So...does Freetown get a first impression rose?

  4. I had just left London on the 18th!!!